Janna L. Goodwin

Janna Grand CanyonJanna Goodwin is a writer/playwright, director, performer and producer of solo, devised and community-based projects.

She is a professor in the Department of Communication at Regis University in Denver, where she teaches courses in performance studies, interpersonal and intercultural communication, dialogue, devised and community-based theatre, comedy, speech and acting, communication theory and new media; where she launched and curates the interdisciplinary faculty-student blog, The Regis Performance Alliance —and where (from 2008-2015)  she developed and advised the student sketch-and-improvisational comedy ensemble, OutRegis!.

Janna is also on faculty in the Mile High MFA (Creative Writing) program, offering workshops and mentorship for students wanting to improve their presentation skills or who are learning to write for performance.

A happy graduate of U. Mass, Amherst, Hampshire College, Off The Wall (improv comedy) in Los Angeles and the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York, she was a co-founding member of Ko Theatre Works and the Ko Festival of Performance at Amherst.

Her work has been performed and produced throughout New England, in New York, California and Colorado.

You Are Reminded That Your Safety is Your Own Responsibility is a comedic monologue that explores modern apprehensions…the human and environmental costs of our increasing immersion in convergent media…our relationships to one another, to the wilderness and to the world…and how we may find solace in an honest acceptance of who and what we are: mortals in an indifferent universe, blessed with the capacity to imagine, to feel, to connect with others and to make meaning.

Janna is currently working on her first work of literary fiction, Cowboy State.