Travelers’ Tales

“Wonderfully detailed, every word the right word, this book is a genuine keeper.”
Kirkus Starred Review

Praise for the end of the world notwithstanding: stories i lived to tell

“This wild memoir is excruciatingly honest, hilarious in its Chaplinesque escapades, and deliberate in the suspenseful nature of each story. I found myself yelling at the pages, not wanting her to make that choice, or at least look over her shoulder. As she so precisely describes ‘our learned performances of cheerful compliance,’ Goodwin exposes a vulnerable humility and belief in human goodness that to some could appear naïve, but to me conveys the strength of a Zen Master. She never rages against her abusers, against the weather, or the drunken driver. Instead, she reflects on the rich complexity of life and the deliciousness of being able to live inside it. This book is a beauty.” ―Fay Simpson, author of The Lucid Body

“This is the only book I want to read, again and again, for the rest of 2021. There is a philosophical destination here, but the road to that destination is forever and wonderfully forking. I was thrilled to be carried along for the ride. And what message do we need more urgently these days than to laugh at ourselves at the height of our anxiety, that the best we can possibly do is to say ‘Oh well―ha!’ to everything, and to be reminded that we will, someday soon, be eating peaches again?” ―David Hicks, author of White Plains: A Novel

“The only writer who can make Nietzsche seem funny.” ―Gary Buslik, author of A Rotten Person Travels the Caribbean

“Goodwin spins a comedic memoir that mines the absurdity of human experience, offering readers profound moments of insight. Because of her sensibility―self-deprecating and quirky, self-aware and intelligent―I would follow her anywhere.” ―Suzanne Roberts, author of Bad Tourist: Misadventures in Love and Travel

“Decades ago, new to San Francisco, broke but needing adventure, I began to surreptitiously follow and eavesdrop on street people who muttered aloud, explaining and justifying their lives to themselves and an invisible audience. I found a significant percentage of them to be perfectly lucid, often employing a word-perfect prose bordering on poetry. Those voices came back to me as I read this captivating, trance-inducing memoir. Goodwin exorcises painful chapters of her own past, while―and here lies her genius―commanding guffaw after guffaw from the reader, yet never diminishing the gravity of her stories.” ―Brad Newsham, author of Take Me With You

“Janna Goodwin’s writing voice is so clear, so candid, and so self-deprecating, it’s hard to believe she’s not sitting in front of you as you read her stories. They’re not always easy, they’re full of doubt and some genuinely bad decisions, but they are so very human. She wanders a lot, as people do when they tell a story, but you want to go along for the entire ride.” ―Pam Mandel, author of The Same River Twice

“Janna L. Goodwin’s true stories lie somewhere between a memoir and a literary travelogue and reflect not just on adventure, but the life lessons they bring. It creates a journey that appeals on many different levels with a series of stories designed to entertain, educate, and delight. Each story holds the opportunity for readers to stay on edge not about the journey, but its ultimate impact and promise of change. Goodwin writes with a wry humor and insight that sets it apart from the usual travelogue.” ―Midwest Book Review

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