Autobiographical trivia

I grew up in central Wyoming, attended (and dropped out of) Boston College, spent a couple of years in Los Angeles as an improvisational comic, lived in France for a little over a year, performed with the Urban Mudmen, bartended, developed clients at a PR firm, delivered balloons and singing telegrams throughout Manhattan, graduated from the National Shakespeare Conservatory in New York, and eventually finished my bachelor’s degree at Hampshire College.

From 1991-1995, I was a co-founding director of Ko Theatre Works and the Ko Festival of Performance at Amherst (long since under the excellent direction of Sabrina Hamilton)—a theatre collective and annual festival where I had my work occasionally produced through 2006. I had the good fortune to work with (and came to rely upon for friendship, humor and wisdom) groundbreaking performance and video artist Wendy Woodson. After a number of jobs in public relations and nonprofit arts management, I went back to school for a Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst and continued writing and performing. My plays and solo performances have been produced throughout New England, in New York, California and Colorado. I’ve been a resident artist at Ko; at the Nantucket Island School of Design and the Arts, and at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity.

In the Department of Communication at Regis University since 2004, I’ve taught courses in performance studies, interpersonal and intercultural communication, dialogue, devised and community-based theatre, comedy, speech and acting, communication theory and new media. At Regis, I launched and curated the interdisciplinary faculty-student blog, The Regis Performance Alliance, documenting students’ transformative experiences making work for the stage and advocating for the importance of theatre practice in helping to build critical communication and collaborative skills.

From 2008-2015, I developed and advised the student sketch-and-improvisational comedy ensemble, OutRegis!, whose mission was to promote dialogue around difficult topics using comedy as the spark. I offer workshops and mentorship for students in the Mile High MFA program who want to sharpen their public reading skills, or who are learning to create and develop solo performances.

The principles by which I try to conduct my life reflect the Book of Ecclesiastes, Max Ehrmann’s Desiderata, Kurt Vonnegut‘s (2005) dictum “We are here on earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you any different” and Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance.